Sunday, October 12, 2014

Adios to the CCM

Thank you Mom and Dad! My breakfasts have been awesome the last few mornings!
So this week's blog post is a little earlier. We got a partial Preparation Day on Saturday to pack and prepare to leave the CCM. We also had time to email and send a few more pictures home. We found out that, unfortunately, we won't get a Preparation day during our first week in Nicaragua, so we had to make Saturday's P-Day count.

First, I wanted to thank my parents for the package this week that contained cinnamon rolls and chocolate candy!!! The cinnamon rolls were delicious, super gooey and made breakfast the last few mornings much more enjoyable. Thank you so much!

I heard also that the TV show, Survivor, is currently filming this upcoming season in Nicaragua (San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua) -- LOL.  So maybe you'll see me preaching to the Survivor contestants! AND Im basically doing the same thing as the show's contestants except I have to survive 2 years and not just 50 days, so take that!

One thing I forgot to mention last week was that I hit my 1 month mark. I'm already 1/24 done! 
Our fresh new authentic Mexican ties courtesy of Hermano Perez

A group pic with Hermano Perez. He got home 3 months ago from his
mission to Panama City, and he plans to attend BYU-Provo in
three years, so I could see him there!
One other cool thing that happened this week is one of our teachers, Hermano Perez, bought us a bunch of neckties. We gave him 120 pesos each and he bought them in bulk so they were a good price and we got 5 more ties each -- authentic Mexican ties! AND that same night, we had a HUGE tie trade market in our Casa, and I made 4 different trades for some SWEET ties. I am wearing them in a few pictures, like the sweet black paisley:)
District pic with Hermano Sanchez (funniest teacher ever!)

So the time is flying right now, its insane....we have a little over 24 hours right now. Ill make sure to get pictures while im in El Savador for the 45 minutes I'm there. Also, I'll have been in 3 different countries instead of just two! So pumped!:) 
District pic with Hermano Villalobos and Hermana Velasquez,
our two main teachers that taught us every day.

I also found out more info about Nicaragua....guess how much money we recieve each month to live off of.......$6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LIVE comfortably off of $6 a month...Elder Bronson and Elder Jensen have enough American cash with them to pay for all of our missions, we did the math, how awesome is that!?  But anyways, I am so ready for Nicaragua! A new district came in this week (one of the Elders went to Taylorsville High School and knows my friend, Cody) and one of the new Hermanas said she had an older brother who went to our mission 2 years ago, and she told us some scary stories, like a parasite crawling up his throat and out his mouth. AND they like to drink hot soups when it's already blazing hot, and they did this so that it would literally put them to sleep, and other crazy stuff. I'M SO EXCITED! It's gonna be such an adventure:)
Elder Ruiz, Hermana Velasquez, and me.

One thing I forget to pack or even buy was a mosquito net (apparently I REALLY need that) and I will have to buy a new pair of shoes for sure. I toasted one pair already, the super glue didnt hold at all, so basically I have one pair of shoes to wear right now. Also, I know for sure one thing I will NOT need by any means is the coat I brought with me. It really is a waste of space too....Apparently, when it rains in Nicaragua, it POURS, and there is not much point to using an umbrella. One thing in common with EVERY person that knows about Nicaragua, or has been there, is that it is BLAZING hot, all day, every day, and the rain is like a warm shower LOL. Well, that's all I have time for now. I'll write again after I'm in Nicaragua:) Love you all and thanks everyone for your letters, emails, prayers, and support!

Hermano Villalobos is the most slick guy, and he is also
going to try to get into BYU-Provo the next couple of years.
(PS: I am 100% healthy now, got over my sickness finally, Im doing really well now!)

All sporting our new haircuts for Nicaragua!

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