Contact Information

My missionary email address is: alex(dot)olsen@myldsmail(dot)net. (Make sure you actually type a period where it says (dot) in the email address or I won't get it.)

I only get one hour of computer time on my Preparation Day. I will respond to as many emails as I can, but feel free to contact me through regular mail as well, or through the website.

I will be in the Mexico City MTC until about October 15th, so don't send the letters or packages to Nicaragua until after October 1st. It takes about 9 days for a letter to reach Nicaragua and about 1 month for a package, but don't mail anything expensive or it will likely get stolen long before it reaches me.

My regular mail address through the mission home is:

Elder Alex Olsen
Nicaragua Managua South Mission
De la Retonda del Periodista
150 vrs. al Sur Ofiplaza Suite 725
Managua, Managua

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  1. Hello,
    My daughter Lauren Haws is in the CCM with your son and is leaving for NIcaragua in a week and a half. I would love to keep in touch with you My name is Cheryl Haws from Queen Creek, AZ if you want to try to find me on facebook. I am still putting Lauren's blog together but it should be up and running this week.