Monday, August 1, 2016

Not Trunky Yet, But.....

So this past week in our area, we didn't have any weddings or baptisms. Our one investigator who got drunk the Sunday before last had some more issues and sadly, he moved out and no longer lives in our area. Our second wedding, L., well she hasn't been able to get all of her paperwork yet for the wedding, plus her anti-Mormon fiancee keeps threatening to back out of the wedding plans.

Me and my companion
However, our third wedding is the awesome family that lives very far away on the edge of Grenada by the volcano and they are all ready for their wedding and baptism this next Saturday. The couple will be getting married, and then they and two of their sons will be getting baptized. They are all really excited and plan on having a little family party afterwards at their house (they actually have many extended family who are already members of the church). They have been able to leave cigarettes behind and have sacrificed much to go to church on their own account and they even took out their own papers for their wedding. They still have another daughter and her partner that live with them in their shack and we are working with them still. They have come to church with us and want to get married, but she and her partner have not quit smoking yet. They will continue to work with my companion and his new companion after I leave to hopefully get baptized soon.

So our area is doing pretty well and the whole mission seems to have turned a corner with the new emphasis on retention from our new mission president. He has urged us to focus on real conversions and not just numbers and baptize everyone. It seems like the people we have been teaching these last few weeks are more converted than many others I have taught up to this point, which is awesome.

Me and Elder Nave, enduring to the end.
So last Thursday, we had interviews with our new mission president, President Brown. It also counted as my exit interview from my mission (trunky alert, ha ha!). He didn't even ask about our area or the progress of the missionaries in my district. He emphasized personal conversion because he says that many missionaries in the mission right now lack strong testimonies. For Elder Nave and I (who we will both be flying home together with Elder Hansen), he talked to us about spiritual goals after our missions are finished, like temple marriage, scripture study, and school. He even encouraged us to start thinking about home and making plans even though we still have two short weeks to go. Unfortunately, he will be in Guatemala on August 15th, so he won't be able to drop us off at the airport and it will just be the office missionaries seeing us off. Anyway, that was our week and I am glad we have a wedding and baptism to focus on this next week. Hard to believe that next week will be my last P-Day and my last time to write home to you guys! Have a great week!

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