Monday, July 25, 2016

So Many Weddings to Plan, So Little Time....

Here is a pic of the volcano behind me.
Well, this past week was rather normal for us -- no baptisms and no extra meetings or anything -- just normal missionary work. My companion is starting to get used to my fast walking and long strides, but he is not particularly happy about the heat. Still he has been a decent companion and he is a fast learner.

This past week we were really busy trying to prepare for two weddings next week and another one for the week after. We have been talking to a lawyer here and helping the families get ready. As it turns out, one of the guys we were working with from Sabaneta (the one who's fiancee is already baptized and just had a baby last week) decided to go out Sunday night and drink with some of his family who aren't members of the church. So now he won't be able to get baptized this week, but we will continue to work with him.

The other wedding and baptism we are working on is for a lady named L., who I have been teaching since the first week I got here in Grenada. Her fiancee has been super against the church (and he still is) but he finally agreed to a civil marriage so she could get baptized, and we are planning it for this coming Saturday.

We have also been working with a family who literally live on the farthest outskirts of our area close to the volcano. They picked their own baptismal date for August 6th. The only concern is that they have been heavy smokers, but they now have a huge desire to stop and have already quit. So as long as they don't smoke these next two weeks and show their repentance and desire to live the Word of Wisdom, then they will also be married and baptized. They also have many kids that we teach at their house, but none of the children made it to church with their parents, but overall they have been a really positive family.

Having both areas results in us walking a lot more and we have a lot of visits during the day, but I am kind of partial to working more in Grenada where I was at before and that is still where most of our investigators are located.

This next week we will also have our first interviews (and possibly my last) with the new mission president, President Brown.  No Pioneer Day here in Nicaragua, and in fact, I didn't even remember myself until my parent's letter reminded me. Well, that's about it for this week -- working hard, enduring to the end, and trying not to get too trunky yet -- ha, ha! Have a great week everyone.

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