Monday, January 12, 2015

Bienvenido a Ciudad Sandino!

Me and Elder Sanchez became best friends out here, and I'm going to miss
the guy like crazy. He got transferred to Juigalpa, so he's pretty far away....
There is this little, teeny, tiny market here in Sandino, and that's all we
really have here in this area -- this market and a lot of dirt!
Hey everyone!!! Well, we had cambios last week, and I was transferred. Bienvenido's a area Trinidad 1 in Zona Managua!!! So now I'm in the city of Sandino (Ciudad Sandino), which is part of the west side of Managua -- so I am in a suburb of Managua essentially. Well, I'm not going to lie ... my new area is incredibly boring and not nearly as pretty as Masaya. All of the roads are straight up dirt, and it's suuuuper windy here, so in our little house there is sooooo much dirt all the time. When I first got here, it was was disgusting..., but I have been making me and my companion clean it literally every time we walk into the house. And dirt is constantly blowing into our face, so it sucks in that way, or blows, I guess.

I probably shouldn't tell my mom this, but this area is one of the most dangerous areas in the mission. Half of our area we cannot go into after 6:00 PM or for sure we would get robbed or attacked, and that was the rule put in place for two latino missionaries in the past. Now there's a white guy here -- ha ha, so we'll have to be careful.
I found the prettiest part of my new area in Sandino --
a little green (above), and a lot of trash (below).

OK, so my new companion... he also just finished his training, but he has been out on his mission one month less than me because he only spent 2 weeks in the CCM -- so that means I'm the Senior Comp!!! His name is Elder Rodas. He is 19 years old, from Guatemala, and he weighs almost 300 pounds! He said that since he has been on his mission, which is like only 3 months, he has gained 45 pounds! Not only that, but his trainer was this huge 350-pound Polynesian elder (that would be a sight to see). So my companion has been in this area for both cambios of his mission and he straight up told me that for the last 2 weeks, he and his trainer would go to a recent convert's house for about 8 hours every day, and then go eat at the pensionista's, and then go home and lie about their numbers. So, when I got here, we only had 3 investigators in our teaching pool -- which is NOTHING! So I am feeling super pressured right now, but I know why I was put here in this area, and I for sure will be here in this area for a while. This is so different from being with the Zone Leaders ... but I have been pushing my companion really hard and we've been getting some new investigators this week, and things are starting to move a little. This already is super hard though. I was hoping for someone with some experience to help me learn more and have a good example, but apparently that's what I am for Elder Rodas -- at least that is what everyone's been telling me LOL. So yeah, I'm in Sandino in Managua, and things are much different here.
Today for P-Day we visited this laguna in Managua (I think it is called
La Lago de Managua). Turned out it is actually really dirty and kind
of boring... but I got some photos!

I did hear that my friend from the CCM, Elder Bronson, got so sick that he had to go home for some medical treatment a couple of weeks ago. It's so sad because when he returns, he has lost some time and may not be coming home with us... so that really sucks. I haven't heard anything since the day he went home, so I hope he is doing better and will come back soon.

This is the huge pig at the house where we take our clothes to get washed.
So I had to take a picture at this house where we take our clothes to get washed. They have been raising this huge pig for when their daughter gets home from her mission, which is pretty soon. SO, I thought that this was such a good idea, I've decided that instead of my parents taking me to a restaurant when I get home after MY mission, I would rather have them just buy a piglet now, and then make him nice and fat and cook him up for when I get back!!! That's all LOL!

I'll try to take more pictures of my new area next week, and my house. We've been working so hard trying to start putting a few things together here. I've been feeling so lost. I didn't learn how to be in this position when I was with the Zone Leaders and this was such a surprise for me. I haven't missed home this much before -- this is such a test of my faith. I've been praying for so much help and direction. I've felt so pressured -- I need to relax a little. I'll admit, I cried the first few nights here, and during one of the first days here when I couldn't hold it in... BUT I'm a man and now I just need to suck it up... I guess I gotta grow up on the Mish somehow!!! I'm sorry for all the negativity this week. Just a lot of changes. But, I'm healthy, and I'm pushing through. I love you guys! Thanks for all your prayers and letters and emails and support.
Lake Managua

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  1. Keep your chin up, Elder. You may find some amazing gems in all that dirt. ;)

    I'm glad to see you are the one doing the encouraging. What a great example you are!