Monday, October 12, 2015

Multi-Zone (Spiritual) Machete and a Baptism

This past week we had the baptism of the girl we have been working with and now she is officially a member of the church with the rest of her family. The baptismal service went well, and afterward, we ordered pizza to celebrate! She wants to go on a mission of her own when she gets a little older, so it turned out pretty cool.

After the baptism on Saturday, we had a pizza
delivered to the house to celebrate with the family.
Next week, we have another baptism scheduled with the family I was telling you about the last few weeks, which should be awesome! They came to General Conference and then to church yesterday, and they are super excited to be baptized and have loved coming to church. We are also going to have their wedding the same day before the baptism, and we are still working on all the paperwork for that, but it should all be good for Saturday. This family also has an in-home "smoothie shop" and they make us smoothies every time we visit, which are so delicious! Anyway, we are support excited for the baptism, plus the Zone Leaders have a cool guy, and the Hermanas also have a family scheduled for baptism this Saturday, so we will be doing them all together at the same service and we are planning to buy two giant cakes from the Costco-owned store here to celebrate.

We also had a few new people come with us to church yesterday, but we are struggling to find many new people. This area in Masaya is more difficult than Bluefields or Trinidad Ciudad, and the Catholic holidays aren't helping, but hey, we're seeing the Lord's blessings with some people ready for baptism! A new bishop was also called in our ward here yesterday, and he is going to be a great help!

Also this past week, we had our Multi-Zone Conference last Thursday. President Russell gave a really good talk from the book, "The Fourth Missionary," and told us how to be a consecrated missionary. It was basically a machete for everyone, but I liked it a lot. We all got copies of the book to take home with us, and then after 5 hours of classes and training, we got to play some games! They were a bunch of different "Minute-to-Win-It" types of games that were a lot of fun, and then we finally got back to our apartment around 8:00 that night.
Just glad he wasn't hiding inside my shoe....

One other thing we received at the Multi-Zone was a bunch of bug spray and repellent. This chemical spray came from the States and when we got home, we used it to fumigate our apartment so now hopefully the tarantulas and cockroaches shouldn't get to us anymore :). Out apartment is a little small, but honestly it is not all that bad and I kind of like it, especially with fewer bugs and spiders. Me and my comp, Elder Nolasco, are both doing good and getting along really well. I have had a nagging cold for about three weeks now, but I think it is finally starting to go away. Well, glad to hear everyone at home is well. That's about it for this week as I am about out of time.
The Masaya Zone riding on the bus coming back from the Multi-Zone Conference.

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