Monday, December 7, 2015

La Purísima

Our last District Meeting together before cambios next week.
Well, this past week was kind of a bummer. We had to postpone another baptismal service. The investigator said she wanted some more time. She doesn't feel she is quite ready yet, and she wants her son to be baptized with her. However, her son has very little interest because he attends a Catholic school on a scholarship. Well, we have another baptism scheduled for next Saturday of the mother of the girl that was baptized last week.

This is another typical dish that we eat called "Tijadas with Gallo Pinto."
It is pretty good and tastes a lot like potato chips, but without
any salt or grease. 
This past week, we also had the AP's (Assistants to the President) come down and help out our zone. I got to work all day on Friday with Elder Kleiner and it was pretty fun. He got to see firsthand how difficult it is to contact new people right now because of all the Catholic celebrations. The fiestas have been crazy, and I think today might have been the actual day of La Purisima, which is the biggest Catholic holiday of the year. There have been all sorts of parades, singing to the Virgin Mary inside of houses (similar to caroling), and tons of firecrackers all day long. We were lucky that today was P-Day because it would have been very difficult to get much work done. Still, these parties last most of the month and continue on through at least Christmas Day.

This coming week we have cambios, and everyone is pretty sure my companion will be getting transferred because he has already been here quite a while. So next week I will probably have a new companion. Also, one of the Zone Leaders is finishing his mission and going home, so there will be a few changes in our district and zone. Last Friday was our last Zone Meeting and there are 3 missionaries finishing their missions and going home, so we had a cake and took some pictures. Sorry, but that's all I have time for this week. Love you guys!
The Masaya Zone

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