Monday, January 18, 2016

Mission Celebration at the Playa Gigante

Sunset at the Playa Gigante
Our mission celebrated exceeding our goal for 2015.
I feel bad that my Dad broke his foot back home, but it's kind of funny because I have also had some issues with my foot this week. I got an ingrown toenail and it was so much fun! It wasn't really big or ugly, but it hurt really bad and I had a rough few days there where I couldn't walk until it was removed. Luckily, the wife of one of our recent converts was able to remove it without much pain and now I'm all good.

Some of the members cooked us some sweet water lake fish
for the mission celebration party.
So this past week was our Mission Celebration and the Playa Gigante was pretty sweet. Because the beach is in our Zone, we got to go down early and set stuff up with the office Elders and President and Sister Russell. We had a nice BBQ and played a bunch of games. Unfortunately, the heat was pretty miserable and we were on the beach during the hottest hours of the day, but we all stayed dry and nobody got sent home. After it was over, we got to stay and help clean up, so we also got to see the sunset and take pictures of the water.

The baseball team here in Rivas is in the national championship, and
every house is going crazy for baseball right now.
I got myself a T-shirt with the baseball team name.
We also had a lot more success this week with several investigators who came to church with us yesterday. We started teaching a few new people that want to get baptized in February.

Cambios are this week and we are all pretty sure my companion, Elder Smith, will have changes, along with Elder Jensen who has been here a while. So come Wednesday, we will likely have two new Elders in the apartment. Also this Wednesday we get to attend a Worldwide Mission Broadcast, and then we will be having a Multi-Mission Conference one week from today. Otherwise, we're just working hard in our area this week.

The missionaries of the Rivas Zone, at least until cambios tomorrow.

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