Monday, June 20, 2016

Squeezing the Juice Out in Grenada

Well, happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope it was a good day yesterday for you -- I had no idea it was Father's Day as they don't celebrate it here. Glad Mom had a nice birthday, too.

Well, this week was pretty awesome. We were able to have 3 baptisms last Saturday, along with 2 other baptisms in my district, so it was a really great Saturday! We are also preparing for another baptismal service next Saturday. We also brought 9 investigators to church yesterday and they all really liked the church service and are progressing with the lessons.

My companion has 3 weeks left in the mission, and he is getting more and more tired because of how hard we are working, but I'm squeezing the juice out of him. Tomorrow is his final interview, and rumor has it that the new mission president will be arriving this next week.

So anyway, the area is progressing really well right now and I will have to take some more money out because we have been paying for lots of transportation with all the investigators, baptismal interviews, and meetings.

Looks like our tickets arrived for August 25th today, so I am assuming you guys got those also. Well, hope you all have a great week back home!!
Chicken Head and Foot Soup -- Mmmmmm, good!
Fresh fruit for breakfast -- mmmmm, good!
Our District here in Grenada.

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