Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Temple, Cookies, and Prayer

Bus ride to the temple.
So today we got to go to the Mexico City Temple! It is being renovated until like next July, so we didn't get to do any sessions, but we were able to tour the Visitor's Center and temple grounds. The temple is about a one-hour drive from the CCM, so we got to see lots of Mexico City! Some parts were pretty sketchy, some looked cool, and some super urban stuff. At the Visitor's Center store, I had heard they had some cool ties and I was hoping to buy one, but they actually only had a couple of ties to choose from that just weren't for me. Instead, I got a really cool backpack for 150 pesos -- sweeeeeet!!!

Mexico City
More of Mexico City
So my parents are awesome! I got a package of fresh-basked chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday. They were so soft and tasty. There were 35 cookies in the package! It must have cost them a fortune. I shared a few, but I still have like half of them left. My companion, Elder Ruiz, gets packages like literally every other day, from either his mom or his grandmother. He's gotten 8 packages so far (but who's counting)..... It's insane! AND it's a good thing he shares with his amazing companion. His mom even sent him another 12-pack of Dr. Pepper, which is my favorite, so I am sure glad he shares.

The MTC is treating me very well. I'm really getting the hang of it, and I love being the District Leader! Although this last week I had my roughest day so far. On Sunday, I don't know if I was dehydrated, or sleep exhausted, or everything all mixed together, but I was incredibly unhappy for I don't know what reason. Everyone was getting on my nerves; I was frustrated about some stupid things; and I was actually scaring myself. But I prayed for help, and after like 25 minutes, I seriously started to see myself calming down. It was strange, but I know my prayer was answered. It was still a really rough day though.

The Mexico City Temple grounds were beautiful.
Elder Ruiz has gotten a little better with his Spanish. Yesterday, when we taught our investigator, we got feedback saying, "Elder Olsen is doing a fantastic job, but Elder Ruiz needs to be in charge of the next lesson," so that's a little frustrating. I don't mind being able to give the entire 45-minute lessons, because its super good learning for me. But I'm trying to help him out too. I am sure it will come eventually.

So, the food is not getting a whole lot better (will it ever?), but I'm getting more used to it. I go into the cafeteria expecting the worst, and it usually turns out better than I had thought it would. In fact, for lunch today, I had a Pastel de Papa (potato cake), and it tasted OK... with some hot sauce LOL.

Me and my comp, Elder Ruiz
There's a new Elder who arrived last week who went to Lone Peak High School and played on their basketball team, so it has been awesome to talk with him. He said when he gets back from his mission, he is going to try and walk-on and play at BYU on their basketball team. He is an amazing basketball player. He has four state title rings, and 1 national championship ring! He is super cool to talk to. I had another one of my friends arrive this past week, too. His name is Andrew Earl and we served together last year at Copper Hills in PLT. It has been great to see him too.

All the Elders from District 5A
at the Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
My cousin, Trevor, has been emailing me each week, so me and him are talking! He's giving me great advice and just making sure I'm alright :). I appreciate his letters. I also found out my aunt and uncle were in Mexico last week, and I can't believe they didn't bring something good to eat?!? Even if they were in Puerto Vallarta or somewhere far away, that is still in Mexico.

Selfie in front of the Mexico City Temple.
Last night I watched my first 'tie trade' experience. I didn't trade any ties, but I saw some deals go down! However, the biggest news of the week is that my watch is already destroyed. I dropped it on the concrete a few days ago which caused a tiny little crack in the corner of the glass. It didn't bother me too much, but then the very next day, I dropped it on the tile floor and the whole glass front shattered! So then I took some pliers and carefully took all the glass pieces off, so then it just looked kind of ghetto when I wore it. But then yesterday, the little metal piece that 'clicks' the watchband on and off broke off too -- just out of normal use! So now the watchband won't click shut and the watch won't stay on my wrist. I guess you could say it is now basically a pocket watch..... QUE TRISTE!!!! :( So I'm watch-less, and now sure how to get another one. I checked the CCM tienda, but they only have girl watches. I was tempted for half a second to just get a girls watch, but they were all mostly pink or aqua blue -- yuck.

I miss home, but I'm really loving the work out here. Hopefully, I won't have any more scary days like last Sunday, but I'm surviving more or less. I can't wait to get into the Nicca land!
Taking a break from our studies.
A little different perspective of our district.
Favorite pic of the week: "Si se puede."

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