Monday, December 15, 2014

Leche Magnesio To the Rescue

Some of our members had a little puppy less than a month old
and I couldn't resist a photo ha ha!
Hey everyone! Firstly, I am feeling muuuuch better. I guess I may or may not have gotten a parasite that made me sick, and then it either died or is dormant right now. I called the Mission Nurse and she told me what to do. I had to stop eating all the Nicaraguan food for this week and I had to buy and eat packaged food from the US for every meal -- which was pricey, BUT I am feeling soooo much better. I also had to consume large quantities of Leche Magnesio, and I still have to take it now, ha ha.

OK, so we went to Managua this week on Tuesday for the new missionary reunion and training. It went pretty well, and our Mission President was really impressed with my Spanish. The meeting took up most of the day -- AND they fed us McDonalds!  Unfortunately, I threw it all up a few hours later (I was feeling really good when I ate it, but that night was super rough). So my first experience with the McDonalds wasn't the best.

So we went to this little fast food chicken place called Tip Top Chicken.
It's actually pretty high class here -- they take your order, and it costs
quite a bit Cordobas-wise. I ordered this chicken combo and it came to
150 Cords -- and just like ALL the chicken I have eaten in Nicaragua,
this one came with bones and tendons and everything!
Let's just say I definitely prefer boneless, but what can you do?
By about Thursday, I was finally starting to feel a little better and we were able to get back to work again, and the awesome news is that we have 2 baptisms scheduled for this Saturday!! Remember a few weeks ago the 'Miracle Sunday' where we brought this random guy to church because I felt prompted to ask him to come? Well, he is getting baptized this Saturday with his son!!! So, I can't wait for that! This week, we only had to stay in Dirioma one time and other than that we were able to work our own are, but things have been getting sluggish because people struggle to keep their commitments. We ended up only bringing one person to church yesterday with us, and he is someone that we can only visit on Sundays so he can't really be taught, but all is well!!!

For this next week, nothing really big happening beyond the baptisms. We have some interviews and possibly a multi-zone conference coming up next week, I believe. We're also trying to work out the logistics to Skype home on Christmas. We found one of the member who has a laptop computer, but they also have a son who is out serving a mission, and they don't know when he will be Skyping with the yet. At any rate, she will let us use her computer to talk on Christmas.
I had to get a picture of this tree with ginormous limes the size of my head!
They eat these like melons here, but when they are this big, they aren't
supposed to be as sour as our little limes back home.

My folks sent me pics of my cousin, Sister Kaitlyn Langford, getting home from her mission last week. Looks like everyone is doing awesome! On the Olsen side, my cousin Trevor is the next to come home, but on the Langford side of my family, I'm the next one to come home ha ha! Only a little more than 20 months LOLOLOL. Overall, I am feeling a lot better and better about being out here. I'm making a lot of friends with the other missionaries, but I am super nervous about our next cambia coming up, because I don't where I might go or who my new companion will be!

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