Monday, December 22, 2014

"Miracle Sunday" Baptism and Tres Leches

Me and Elder Sanchez, H., Harold, Harold's daughter,
Elder Sanchez, and Elder Castro
Well, the big news this week was the baptism on Saturday. I was soooo happy for this family. It was super neat as this was the "Miracle Sunday" family from about a month ago that felt prompted to ask to come to church with us, and now they were able to get baptized.

Me and Harold and his family at the baptism.
I was so incredibly happy for them!
Last Monday, right after writing our emails home, we went back to the house of the family where we eat lunch because on P-Days they feed us dinner instead of lunch. Anyway, it was their daughter's birthday, so we celebrated with them and it was fun: a piñata, tres leches, it was all a blast. Elder Anderson (from Logan area) and his companion, Elder Carter, also eat meals with us there, so they were also there for the party. 

On Tuesday right before we were headed out the door to go to work, there was a phone call for Elder Sanchez and me to go to Dirioma to help out there! So we had to go up to Dirioma and stay the night up there, but this time it was just me and Elder Sanchez, which was kind of weird because we are both still training, but they sent us up there to work with a member in a relatively untouched part of Dirioma. We almost had to go up there agin on Saturday and Sunday, but we didn't because of our baptism service (I told them I wouldn't miss for anything my first baptism where I taught the family).

On Thursday, we had out interviews with President Russell. My interview only took about five minutes, and all he told me was to "keep up the Spanish and work hard, Elder." From what other missionaries have told me, that's pretty much a normal interview for the Elders-in-training. Other than that, the week has been pretty normal. Oh, and I have felt 100% better this week, which was really good.
We helped hold the piñata up for the birthday party on Monday night.

Amazing cake!!! I need to learn how too make Tres Leches, and then I can
make it all the time when I go back home.
This upcoming week should be pretty exciting. We have a Multi-Zone Conference on the 24th and it's all day. Because of that, we didn't get P-Day today -- it was a normal work day except we were allowed one hour to write our families, and then back to work. We haven't had any mail delivered to us in a while, so hopefully we'll be getting it all at the Conference on Christmas Eve. They were talking about holding it on the 26th, but I am glad it will be on the 24th because I'll be with more friends on Christmas Eve. Then I am excited to Skype on Christmas Day with my family. Also, I get to delver a bunch of presents (toys) that my family sent to hand out to as many children here that I can. Even though it's supposed to be a normal work day on Christmas, apparently everyone, including President Russell, knows its gonna be a day to just visit members and chill because nobody wants to be taught by the missionaries on Christmas Day. We also had a bunch of members invite us over to dinner on Christmas, so we have some options, ha ha. It's funny, but Christmas here will be like 90 degrees. It's just blazing hot here -- and humid.

We found a Children's Primary Songbook in English, and so
we sang for the birthday party in English, ha ha.
We're moving along here in Nicaragua. Hard to believe that I have already finished 10 weeks here in Nicaragua as of today, and I am almost done with Training!! Crazy!!! No baptisms scheduled for next week, but there are two possibilities for probably the week after, so we will see. Well, Merry Christmas to everyone back home, and thanks for all the letters and cards and pictures!

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