Monday, February 2, 2015

No More Coffee, a Fungus, and the Water Tower

No more coffee! So the sisters were able to be baptized this week!
The super positive family we are working with have this huge mango tree.
I helped them pick a few mangoes.
Well, the good news this week is that we had two baptisms! The family we have been working with on their coffee drinking made the switch this week, and the sisters didn't drink any coffee! So their baptisms went great. As for the other 20-year-old girl who was hiding under the bed last week, well, she decided now that she didn't want to be baptized after all, so we had to stop visiting her, and her 23-year-old brother also decided not to be taught any more either -- ha ha. That's OK, because we have a super positive family we are working with right now. The two daughters and their dad have come to church with us, but we're still working on getting their mother to come to church also. They have responded really positively to the teachings and they are on schedule to get baptized probably a little later this month.

It's almost mango season here and soon there will be
mangoes everywhere!
As for the bad news this week, my companion developed this crazy foot fungus and it got so bad that we couldn't leave the house for one whole day because he couldn't walk on it. We had to stay in the house and we were soooo bored! So the next day we went to the hospital to get him checked out. Now he is doing fine and we can work thanks to some medication and a foot cream. The hospital here was surprisingly nice, and they say it's the nicest hospital in Nicaragua. It kind of reminded me of the hospital where my Dad works, although not quite as nice as that, but still good.

Otherwise not a whole lot happened this week. Just a lot of normal teaching appointments and such. Next week, we have a multi-zone conference scheduled for Wednesday and the Area President of Central America is coming to talk to us! No baptisms scheduled this next week, but hopefully a few in a couple of weeks or so. The work is moving along and things are going super well. Thanks everyone back home for the support and updates!
This giant, abandoned water tower is located in the development where
we live. It's pretty cool!
Paraiso! Hanging in my new T-shirt -- ha ha.

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