Monday, February 23, 2015

No Changes, Still Finding People

The family we baptized last week invited us over for dinner.
First off, we had cambios this past week, and neither me nor my companion, Elder Rodas, were changed. So we're in the same area and everything is the same, and we are working hard again trying to find new people to teach. It's exhausting because it seems like I have to do everything as the senior companion, but we are working away!!!

This family is so incredibly humble and they sacrificed quite
a bit to have such a big meal for us, so we were very grateful.
This past week was kind of rough as far as finding any new people to teach. A lot of people will actually tell you they are interested until they have to go to church on Sunday, and then they give excuses and even hide from you.  That's basically how our Sundays go here in Nicaragua. People commit during the week, and then when we pass by Sunday morning on our way to church, nobody is home, or "they have to run an errand,"... so that sucks, but that's the mission and looking for new people to teach -- ha, ha. On a good note, the other missionaries in our ward had some baptisms on Saturday, so we helped them out and that was nice to see and be a part of. Baptisms are the best part of the mission!

Once in a while we do have to burn our 'green trash.'
One of the members brought his machete over and
helped us to cut the waste into smaller pieces.
I was sad to hear about Micheal's Grandma Jensen passing away. I had visited her several times with Micheal, and even though she never remembered my name very well, she did usually remember my face (she had Alzheimer's). I was "Micheal's friend," so that was cool she would recognize me. I sure wish Micheal's family well during this hard time.

Sounds like it has been a pretty warm February in Utah, and you guys are lucky. It is getting hotter here, and we can definitely tell. It's miserable to be outside from about 10:00 AM until about 5:00 PM, and then it is super nice until about 8:00 PM when it's dark. Apparently, everyone here in Nicaragua dreads April because they say that's the season of earthquakes and usually when it is the hottest month of the year, and Ciudad Sandino is incredibly hot... should be fun!

We continue to work with our families we have baptized. Every day we are supposed to visit with at least 4 recent converts or less active families, and we try to visit with the new converts every 2 or 3 days. We actually continue to teach them lessons up until they hit their one-year-mark as members and they are fully active. So we get to continue working with them and teaching them.
Elder Rodas taking a break.

Well, I had a lot of emails today, which was awesome, but I am almost out of time. I also don't have a lot of photos this week -- lo siento!! I hope everyone else is doing well back home.

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