Monday, May 11, 2015

Ghetto Birthday Cake and the Master Chef Apron.

This basketball hoop was so small and sketchy, I had to take a picture of it.
Wishing my mom a Happy Mother's Day! It was great to talk with my family and friends yesterday.

Elder Salmeron turned 19-years-old this past week!
We ate a ghetto cake and he got egged 7 different times!
Happy Birthday Elder Salmeron!!
It was so awesome to see my Mom on Mother's Day! Wow, that was such a quick Skype call yesterday! It was great to talk to all of my family and Michael and his family. I won't lie -- it was sure a lot different from the first Skype call we did last Christmas. Afterwards, I thought of a billion things that I wanted to say but forgot, ha ha. My Dad sent me some pics of the Skype call from their end of things, and it sure looks different on my side of the call! Now we have to wait a longer time to Skype again, which will be on Christmas, but by then I will have 15, almost 16, months in the mission!!!

We made more pancakes this past week (that seems
to be a popular this for us right now), and as usual,
I was the chef -- but this time sporting the Master Chef apron, lol!
Eat your heart out, Mrs. Butterworth.

So one thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that they have a different day here in Nicaragua that they celebrate Mother's Day. I am not sure how they determine it, but in Nicaragua, Mother's Day is still 3 weeks away on May 31st. The Familia Loredo let us use their computers to Skype, and they were having a Skype call with their son who is on his mission in Brazil, and they celebrated Mother's Day yesterday in Brazil, just like in the United States, so I am not sure why Nicaragua has a different day to celebrate mothers? At any rate, it sounded like my Mom had a great Mother's Day back home, and I'm super glad she is my Mom. Plus, she looks a ton skinnier, too! Like she is looking super thin -- even more than before I left on my mission! Wow! Good job, Mom!

They're going to put up a title celebrating that the ward
has had "41 baptisms in 4 months," which has been
pretty cool to experience.

Well, we're staying pretty busy here in Sandino. Elders Hinojosa and Roundy had 2 baptisms this past week and we helped out with the baptismal service. Overall, our district is off to a good start for the month with 10 baptisms, so that is pretty cool! We also had 11 investigators in church yesterday. Me and Hinojosa transferred into this area together just before the first of the year, and we have been together now for 3 cambios. We really like the ward we are serving in, and they like us so much they put our pictures up on a bulletin board at church this past Sunday (I included a picture). We have really been blessed to help this ward grow, with great attendance each Sunday, and a lot of help from the members.

Well, this next week, we have cambios coming up again on Wednesday. I am pretty sure I will be staying here in Sandino and the Barrio Trinidad for one more transfer, but who knows what could happen? I just got called as a district leader last transfer, and they usually keep the district leaders in an area for 2 cambios, but you never know. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, and you guys will find out next Monday!
This is the bishop's son, T., who is a super good
friend of mine, with his "famous" pose, ha ha!
This is our bishop in the Barrio Trinidad.
This is his "famous" pose that he always
strikes when he takes photos...
 an action shot or something, ha ha.
This is our chapel in Sandino, which is a super nice meetinghouse for Nicaragua,
and our ward is getting pretty big now and filling it up every week!

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