Monday, May 25, 2015

An Almost-Convert and Other Near-Misses This Week

Hey everyone! So, first the bad news... well, all of the people we had prepared to get baptized last Saturday, ...none of them happened. Actually, one of the investigators did get baptized on Saturday, but he decided he didn't want to come to church on Sunday and didn't want to get confirmed, so his baptism ended up not counting. In fact, he seemed so positive on Saturday morning after the baptism, but later in the day he told us he had to work on Sunday morning, which we knew was not true, but he made a big deal about it and had a pretend phone call with his "boss" to try and get us to believe him. The untruth was confirmed on Sunday morning on our way to church when we saw him walking down the street. He again told us that he didn't want to come to church and get confirmed and said he had changed his mind... AFTER A BAPTISM??? How does that happen?

We also had a family of four lined up for Saturday, with the parents planning to get married, but the father had been married previously. A divorce in Nicaragua is a painfully long process, so as it turned out, the couple decided to not start the divorce process going. The parents had the desire to be baptized, but not to get married, and then the two children won't get baptized without their parents.

Elder Salmeron and me
Last, our other investigator who was the most positive guy for this week, well he went out and got drunk the night before his baptism! It was a really tough week -- one of the most frustrating I have had on the Mish. Basically all of these people told us to stop coming by, or they refuse to go to church and make up excuses not to go. I got pretty sad this weekend, but I know I can turn to the Lord and He has other, new people prepared for us to find here.

Also this past week, we had interviews with President Russell. I got a surprise telephone call last Tuesday to get all the interviews set up and ready for Wednesday. The interviews all went well, and now that I am a District Leader, my interview lasts a little longer. President told us that he was pleased with our work. After, I definitely got the feeling that I am not done here in Barrio Trinidad or Ciudad Sandino and maybe I could be here a little longer than the next cambio. Also, Elder Salmeron and I are beginning to have a few problems that we didn't really have when we were first paired together.

At a baptismal interview for Elders Hinojosa and Roundy
Also this past week, I had to go do a 24-hour division with some other missionaries in my district. This is the second one I have done in the past two weeks (I am supposed to do one every week), and then with all the interviews on Wednesday, our area is kind of suffering lately because of all the time I have had to spend in other areas of my district. I love to get out and know the other areas, but I can definitely see my own area getting weaker with all of the time I have to spend away performing District Leader duties (like today I won't be in my area at all when we start working at the end of P-Day because I have to go conduct more interviews in a different area in the district). Part of the problems my companion is having is that he is not really doing much if I am not here with him. He is not exactly the most focused if I am not there with him, and I feel like this is another reason our baptism possibilities are not as strong right now.

So that's about it for my week. Next week, we are hoping to have one more baptism, and this investigator is different from the ones that fell through last week. This one is the daughter of some less-active members of our ward who kind of support her to get baptized. So prayers are appreciated, as always. Otherwise, just a lot of disappointing endings lately, but I'll keep fighting through and work harder!!! Congrats to my cousin Trevor who finished his mission last week (Berlin, Germany), and also congrats to my other cousin Hollie who will enter the MTC next week for her mission to Baton Rouge Louisiana!

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