Monday, June 1, 2015

A Robbery, Two Baptisms, and Zone Conference

This girl's parents were baptized about a year ago.
We are also working with her aunt and aunt's boyfriend
who are both preparing to get baptized later in June.
Hey everyone!!! Well, first off this past week, we had two baptisms!!! One of the baptisms had been scheduled for the week before when all of them basically fell through, but we were able to reschedule a 19-year-old girl for this week. Then, we also had a baptism on Sunday morning for the daughter of some recent converts who were baptized about a year ago.

This is the 19-year-old girl we baptized. She lives with her
aunt and uncle, who are in the picture.
Otherwise, this week was completely normal. I did divisions with Elder Roundy in Trinidad 2 (which is the other half of our barrio). We also had a Zone Conference with our new Zona Sandino. As a district, we ended May with 19 baptisms, and then 38 as a zone! The work is really progressing well here in Sandino, but it is a bit of a struggle getting all of these new people to church every week. We are also trying hard to find new people to teach, but I feel like I have almost talked to everybody here in this area, ha ha! Cambios are coming up on June 24th, but I honestly feel like I might be staying here in this area a little longer. We will see.

They are clean while they are puppies -- ha ha!
Elder Roundy and I were on divisions on the other side
of Barrio Trinidad. This is the family who owned the puppy.
Oh, I almost forgot because it happened last Tuesday, but my companion, Elder Salmeron, was assaulted and robbed! At the time, I was on divisions for about one hour with one of the zone leaders as he was doing the baptismal interviews for our upcoming baptisms. Meanwhile, Elder Sandino and the other zone leader were robbed in the part of our area that is suuuper dangerous, and the funny thing is that me and the zone leader walked through that same spot about 10 minutes later and they didn't bother us. However, they took Elder Salmeron's whole backpack, which had his camera and scriptures inside. SO, now we are being a lot more careful in that part of our area, and with what we are carrying around in our backpacks. I am also lending him my old backpack (I might end up just giving it to him). Luckily, they weren't hurt, just threatened and a little shook up. Still, we're being more careful now, ha ha.

Well, like I said, that is about it for this week. We are hoping to have one more baptism next week who is the cousin of the 19-year-old girl that we baptized last Saturday. Thank you everyone back home for all the photos and updates. We're still working hard and loving it!!
The Zona Sandino

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