Monday, June 15, 2015

Hiking Through Crazy Rain Every Night and a Baptism

Thanks Mom and Dad!
First off, I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! I've had this day marked on my mini calendar for a long time, so of course I remembered. I hope you have a great day, and a great time at Girls' Camp this week.

A selfie of Elder Roundy and myself as we were out on divisions.
Also, I am glad our mission president's wife, Hermana Russell, was able to take the picture of me and send it to my folks. We had to visit the mission office in Managua last Thursday because my companion, Elder Salmeron, had to meet with President Russell. For a little while as they were talking, I was the only one in the offices, so Hermana Russell came out and talked to me while I waited. I was also able to pick up some packages my folks sent, and she took a picture of me to send to them. In the end, President Russell asked me if there needed to be some changes, but I felt like Elder Salmeron should stay in Ciudad Sandino and I can still try to help him. Cambios are going to be in about 1 more week anyway, but we're getting along just fine, still working hard, and hopefully we will have 2 more baptisms this next week.

Our one baptism this past week. She is a pioneer for the rest of
her family who will hopefully follow her example in the next few weeks.
While we were in Managua at the mission office, it started raining and that night was one of the biggest and craziest rainstorms that I have ever seen. As you can see in the picture from Hermana Russell, I was in my suit and I am pretty sure that the pants got ruined because I was literally walking in water up to my mid-thigh as we were trying to get home that night! I love the rain here. It is so cool, but sadly, I didn't get any pictures because it is not smart to have my camera out in the rain, and a lot of the storms were at night. It has rained like crazy pretty much every night this week, which sure makes walking home really fun!

Here is her whole family, along with Elder Salmeron and myself, at the baptism.
While Elder Roundy and I were on divisions, we took this cool path under
that bridge up ahead. With all the rain, everything is extra green and
tropical, so this path turned into a pretty cool hike in the jungle.
We did have one baptism this past Saturday. She and her family have been coming to church with us for a while, but only she felt ready to be baptized. So she entered the waters of baptism and is trying to set the example for the rest of the family to follow hopefully in the next few weeks. We also had one division this past week so that I could go conduct some baptismal interviews for my district. However, this next week is going to be a huge week for our district because of all the baptisms that are scheduled.

Well, that's about all I have time for today. We're working hard, loving the people here in Sandino, and having a good time getting soaked every night from the passing hurricanes!

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