Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday Dinner at Galeria Aberdeens

Happy birthday to me! Look what I found!!
I have to start by saying thank you to all the birthday wishes. I still feel 17!! Just kidding. So, I had a good birthday last Friday, even if it was just kind of a normal day. My district did throw eggs on my head pretty early (they took a video that I'll have to share after the mission) and then we made a nice breakfast. After that, we went to the ATM and took out some of my birthday money and bought some refreshments for our District meeting and divisions (we do that every Friday). I wasn't even in my own area for most of the day, but it was cool that a lot of people still congratulated me and wished me well!

Birthday dinner at Abderdeens. Delicious, but they were out of cheesecake!
Later in the day, I stocked up on some nice American food (I found a place that sells Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Dr. Pepper!!) and I bought some new ties. This next week, I am planning to take some of the money to buy a new watch, and then I will keep some of the money to have some extra spending cash down the road. For dinner, we went to this nice restaurant here in Bluefields that is called Aderdeens. I order a fancy sandwich, which was really good, and then I bought my district all some tres leches cake (ug! they didn't have any cheesecake!). I didn't get any of my packages yet. The Zone Leaders in Juigalpa have one of the packages right now, but they weren't able to get it to me yet. Fortunately, we are headed to Managua later this week and hopefully I should get all of the packages at one time.

This past week was pretty good overall. We had the Zone Leaders come down for two days to do divisions and training. The one that went with us mostly just followed us and watched how we worked. He told us he was impressed and we also had some fun and talked a lot.

Last Saturday, the missionaries in the other half of the branch had two baptisms. This next week, Elder Rushton and I are working to help a couple get married so that we can baptize the wife and their daughter. We have to take out their ID and birth certificate and then pay for the wedding and the paperwork. It is kind of expensive, but they are really cool and want to do it. We also have some other really cool investigators who are progressing and we have some baptisms set up for September, but it is still just hard to get everyone to go to church.

Well, that is about all I have time for this week. I got a lot of people's birthday emails to respond to, so I'll catch y'all next week.
Ready to start out day!

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