Monday, August 17, 2015

Pan de Coco and Hammocks

Another cool shot of beautiful Bluefields, Nicaragua!
Well, this past week was a great one here in Bluefields!!! Elder Rushton and I have been working really hard, and we were able to have another baptism. Unfortunately, the last cousin wasn't able to get baptized yet, but we did have the two confirmations at church on Sunday. It was a lot of work because some doubts had started creeping in, but we were able to help them work out, and in the end they were super excited to be baptized and confirmed.
One of the cousins we were able to baptize this past week.

Having some fun at the baptism, but watch out for
the little cousin in the shark shirt in front of me!
Another cool story is that awesome family we brought to church the week before, well, they were out of town for the weekend in an outlying community, so they couldn't make it to church yesterday. However, their older boy (the one that is taller than me!), he stayed home so that he could go to the Young Single Adult Activity on Saturday, and then he wanted to be in church on Sunday! It was soooo cool because he showed up to the activity without us even having to invite or remind him, and he even came to church on his own. Once his family gets back tomorrow, we will continue teaching them.

Later today, we are all going to Mauricio's house to learn
how to make Pan de Coco (so then I can make it when I
go back home!). Mauricio was baptized a few weeks ago, and it is
his aunt that makes it in their house and we took photos last time.
My Dad asked about which language they conduct church in on Sundays since they speak Spanish, English Creole, and Miskito here. Most of the church meetings here in Bluefields are in Spanish (almost everyone can at least understand Spanish), like Sacrament Meeting, but during Sunday School they do have a separate class in English Creole. Honestly, there aren't very many members who speak Miskito, but everyone I know in the branch that speaks Miskito can speak Spanish too, anyway.

This past week, we got to eat some lobster again, and this time was even better than the last. I have decided that I love lobster!

This is what they cook the Pan de Coco on.
Also this week we will be having a visit from our Zone Leaders. They come out to Bluefields once a month to visit and work with us for two days, but this will be their first visit since I have been in this area. Today for P-Day, we actually played some basketball at the church. Elder Page has a basketball and a net that we put up on the rim and WOW, I am so rusty!

Anyways, that's about it for last week, and the week ahead seems rather normal, except for my birthday on Friday! Tell everyone back home thanks for all the happy birthday wishes and emails and packages!

Mmmm, Pan de Coco is the best bread I have ever eaten in my life!
It is super thick, and even though they use coconuts, you don't taste
the coconut at all! It is just super amazingly delicious!

Elder Rushton bought a hammock too, so now we're stacked!

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