Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Success in Rivas

Zone activity for P-Day today.
I would say that this past weekend was a success! One of our mission rules is that if we don't have at least 4 investigators come with us to a session, we can only stay for one of the 4 sessions of General Conference. We actually brought a lot of investigators with us and so we were able to stay and watch every session of Conference except the Saturday morning session. However, neither of the two new families that we started teaching this week were able to come. A couple of my favorite talks were Elder Bednar's from the Sunday morning session and then Elder Holland's to finish the Sunday afternoon session. In fact, our Zone did so well bringing investigators to Conference this weekend that we were able to have a Zone activity today and we ate some really good hamburgers and played some sports and games in Jinotepe.

This past week, my eyes started getting red and sore again. I had to send pics of my eyes to the mission nurse, and then she sent them to the mission doctor in the States, and he sent a prescription for some eye drops called "prednisolona" (Prednisone). So now my eyes are getting better again, but I have also had a sore throat the last few days that I started taking some medicine and is helping. My companion also broke out in a crazy rash this past week. These past two weeks are typically the hottest time of the entire year here in Nicaragua, and it has really been a struggle to sleep at night, but we have been working pretty hard without much rest, so hopefully the Lord will bless our efforts.

Last Friday we had Zone Conference in Jinotepe, and that same day I completed one year of being a District Leader. Other than that our week was about the same. The next cambios are on April 20th, and I wouldn't mind staying here in Rivas for one more cambios even though I feel like I've contacted the whole area. A big reason to stay is I am really enjoying my time with my current companion, who is really great, but also  most of the people we are currently teaching are scheduled for baptism the end of April or first part of May. So if I get transferred, I would be leaving behind a bunch of baptisms again.

My little sister asked if I have had any more weird animal encounters, but I haven't really because my current area is more in the city. However, I have been told that on the outskirts of the city there are a tons of wild monkeys up in the trees! I haven't seen one yet, but it would be cool to see one.

Well, just in closing I am really loving my mission. I love teaching the people that want to know more about the Gospel and have desires to changes their lives and follow in Christ's footsteps. I have realized that it was a great privilege to be born in the Gospel, because it can be super hard for some people to be able to change, or to be willing to follow the commandments. Anyways, I had a pretty good week, and just a shout out to my little brother to have a happy birthday this next week!
Mmmm, tastes like chicken.

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