Monday, April 18, 2016

Rough Week in Rivas

Sitting on a bench waiting for the bus in a place called Tola, Nicaragua.
We had just finished one of the baptismal interviews for the Hermanas' investigator.
So first off, President Russell has changed the way we do cambios, so now we get a telephone call on Monday afternoon telling us our new assignments, and then we leave on Tuesday morning. Well, we just got our telephone call this afternoon, and Elder Petty will have changes while I will be staying here in Rivas for another 6 weeks. I was pretty shocked that I am staying, and it is going to be a little awkward because so many of the people thought I would be leaving and we were taking pictures and stuff, but now I'm not leaving.

I am going to miss Elder Petty, and I am a little sad because I feel tired in this area working-wise, like I have knocked on just about every door here already. We are also getting tons of pressure from the Zone Leaders and President Russell saying we aren't working hard enough because we didn't have seven investigators in church this week and we won't have three baptisms this month. So I'm feeling a little down this week. Hopefully my new companion will have a great desire to work really hard with me so that we can find more people to teach and baptize.

This week in our area wasn't very good, either. We didn't find a single new, positive investigator to teach, and the people we are teaching didn't come to church. Our one baptism that we had scheduled for this past Saturday, M., well he broke the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday, so he fell and the Zone Leaders told us we need to move on because he has not kept his commitments for two baptismal dates now. Our Zone Leaders said that in May, the goal is for each companionship to have 5 baptisms, which would break all sorts of records for this area here in Rivas, but we will pray to be blessed and do the best we can.

On a good note, we did help all of the Hermanas in our district to have a total of 5 baptisms between them. We were super busy doing interviews and helping them with the baptismal service and getting things ready on Saturday, but other than that, it was a pretty rough week.

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