Monday, March 9, 2015

Blessed with Some Little Successes and Making Pancakes

Whenever we have lessons with this awesome family, all of their
neighbors come over, so we usually have 18 to 20 people listening!
In this photo, we had just finished watching the video of
Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel. It was a lot of fun!
Plus they have all come to church the last 2 Sundays!
Hey!!! This week I have the normal amount of time to write -- lo siento for last week! I haven't heard anything more on the new Nicaragua Managua West Mission other than it is supposed to happen this June.

This is another photo of some of the funny kids in this awesome family!
For this week, we were blessed with a TON of little successes this week! We brought 11 investigators to church the last two weeks (actually a lot more than that, but we don't count the ones younger than 8-years-old). We are planning on two more weddings and baptisms for the 21st and 28th of March, and the possibility of a baptism this week or the next (depending on if he passes his baptismal interview). So we are working super hard, and as a result, our district is number one in the mission right now as far as investigators coming to church and baptisms. We also got to help with a baptism this past Saturday that was almost ours. I took pictures of the mom and her son at the baptism service on Saturday, and then they got confirmed on Sunday in the ward. The mom had originally contacted me and Elder Rodas because her two older daughters were recently baptized and then they moved into Ciudad Sandino. The family talked to me and Elder Rodas first, and we began teaching them, until we found out they actually live in the area of the other Elders in our district/ward. So they continued to teach them, and then they baptized them this past weekend, but me and Elder Rodas are super close to them still, so we helped out with the baptism, and then we celebrated by going to their house and making pancakes! It was super fun, and they are a super cool family!
This is the baptism service of the mom and her son, and her daughters
had already been baptized, then after we went over to their house
and we made pancakes!

Making the pancakes!
We also had our interviews with President Russell this past week, and as the Senior Companion, I was expecting machetes. Usually people leave the interviews getting reprimanded, and sometimes just for little things, but not me -- phew!! I was so relieved when he said that he was super happy with me for helping to revive this area, and he said that he was very pleased with how I've helped Elder Rodas to change his work ethic from how he was trained. Overall, he was very pleased with our District! So I'm actually feeling a lot better about everything -- we have people to teach and that want to progress. Things are looking up again in Barrio Trinidad (the Trinidad Ward)!!

My parents said it snowed this week in Utah about 7 inches at our house. I sort of miss snow, ha ha, but I'm getting used to the heat now. My mom was asking about mosquitoes, but we really don't have any here in Ciudad Sandino, partly due to how hot it is right now. The mosquitoes were a lot worse in Masaya! Every apartment or house in the mission is supposed to have a fan, and there is no way I could get any sleep here without a fan blowing on me. I did take a little money out and bought a portable stove top that is super awesome! A lot of missionaries have them, so I got one and now I can cook eggs in the mornings now! My parents also asked me if I see any of my district from the CCM. Right now there are two Elders (Bradbeer and Jensen) that were in my CCM district, and now they are in the Managua Zone with me, actually pretty close to my area, but I really only get to see them in zone meetings. 

Well, I hope all goes well with the party for my Grandma and Grandpa Langford's 50th wedding anniversary this week. Also, congratulations to my Uncle Kelly for getting called to be the new Stake President in his stake, and congratulations to my old friend Josh Hammond on his mission call to Argentina! That is super cool! I hope everyone else is also doing well at home. Don't worry about me and Elder Rodas -- we're working hard and surviving the heat!
Celebrating the baptisms with our pancake party! It was super fun with a super cool family!

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