Monday, March 30, 2015

Crazy Week of Baptisms and Super Glue

Me and Elder Rodas with the four people we baptized on Saturday.
Later on Saturday, we had a baptism with D. and the rest of our District.
Hey!!! First I want to start off with how bomb this week was!!! So, me and Elder Rodas had four baptisms this past Saturday!!! We found one family just after the last cambio while we were looking for newbies to teach. The Mom and oldest son were baptized about 10 years ago, and the Dad was baptized with them, but he never was confirmed. So we had to baptize him again and this time make sure he was confirmed, plus their daughter was baptized. Then, we also baptized a boy and his grandma, and they have just LOVED the Church! The boy's mother is one of the investigators we are trying get the paperwork sorted out so she can be married, and then more of the family can be baptized, but the paperwork is still piling up. We always have about 20 people listening to the lessons with this family when we teach, so these 4 were part of these families. Also, it was the boy's 10th birthday ON the day of his baptism, so we got him a piƱata and a birthday cake, and after the baptism we all celebrated with him!!!

Me, D., and Elder Rodas. D. has become a super good friend and he
is preparing to serve his own mission.
The other elders in our barrio also had a baptism last Thursday, and then two more on Saturday with our four baptisms, and then they had one more baptism a few hours later on Saturday (I actually got to baptize him and he is one of my good buddies here). So once again, the elders in the other area of our barrio took one of our baptisms. This boy, named D. (18-years-old), was a reference from the Bishop's family back in February. We taught him 2 lessons and helped set a baptismal goal with him, but then we had to give him up because he lives in the other area. BUT, we see him at church every week now, and he is even preparing to serve a mission! Also, he asked that I baptize him, so that was still pretty cool, and tonight we are having a Family Home Evening with him and getting pizza, ha ha!

Getting ready for the baptisms.
As you can tell, we have been super busy, and it was a crazy final Saturday of this cambio for our District and Zone -- in fact, it was so busy (and this is the reason this also makes this week so bomb) that our District broke the record for most baptisms in one month during March. Our District ended up with 21 baptisms this month, and our Zone (consisting of 4 Districts/28 missionaries) had a whopping 48 baptisms in March, which shattered the record for this Zone. We have been so blessed! On Sunday, it was even crazier because we had 8 confirmations in our barrio and it took about 25 minutes, ha ha. Overall, it has been an awesome week -- probably the best and craziest week of my mission so far!!

This is the pro kitchen of the family we baptized. They made dinner
for us on Sunday night to celebrate (see below).
OK, well, sorry, I just had to tell you how awesome this week has been, ha ha. Now, for next week, we do have cambios on Wednesday, and we are all pretty sure my comp, Elder Rodas, will be going as he has been in this same area for the last 6 months, and it is the only area he has served in so far on his mission. I would be pretty surprised if they moved me, and I hope they don't because we have been having so much success and have a lot of people progressing right now. We even brought 11 investigators to church again yesterday, with 2 families progressing!!!! Other than cambios, not much else will be going on this week as far as meetings and such. So more than likely I will be getting a new comp (or moved, but I hope not).

This is the soup/stew thing the family made for us.
I have no idea what was actually in it, but it tasted OK.
Got some super glue?

Last, my parents asked me how my shoes were holding up and to send a picture of them. Well, I have two pairs of shoes. One pair I keep nice for when we have to go to Managua or for meetings. The other pair of shoes I work with every day, and I have used about 4 bottles of super glue to keep the tips from splitting more, ha ha. I pretty much re-apply more glue almost every week (these are the same ones I had re-sewed in Masaya) because, yeah, we walk a lot and work super hard, ha ha. BUT, they are still usable and I don't think they look trashy. They should last a little longer so long as I have some super glue.

See, they don't look too bad yet.

So that's about it for this week. I should add that I have been feeling much better and no sickness this week! Although I have been lacking some sleep because of how busy we've been and it is just so blazing hot at night, ha ha. Anyway, have a great week every one, and Happy Easter!!!

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