Monday, November 23, 2015

Interviews, Flu, and Balleadas

Eating "balleadas" at the Zone Leader's
apartment today.
"Balleadas" are a Honduran food that
consists of tortillas, refried beans, eggs, and cream.
So this past week we had interviews with President Russell and it was probably the shortest interview I've had yet as it only lasted about 15 minutes or so. He was happy with the work we were doing and had no issues. I also got to see Elder Kleiner again and everyone got a chuckle as they watched run and give a bro-hug to each other.

I can't remember what I weighed before my mission, but for my health check-up at interviews, I weighed in at 173 pounds. I have pretty much lost all muscle (but I can still dunk a basketball!). Then the next day, me and my companion both got sick! I woke up with a serious stomach ache that turned into a huge pain in my back and neck. I took some medicine and got a little better, but my companion started vomiting. We tried to get some work done but had to take it really slow. 

Today we woke up feeling better and played some soccer for P-Day, so it was probably just a little flu bug or something. After soccer, we went to the Zone Leader's apartment and made "balleadas," which is a Honduran food that consists of a tortilla with refried beans, eggs, and cream. They are really good and pretty easy to make. Three of the four missionaries in the Zone Leader's apartment are from Honduras.
This is a really cool family that I actually met last year when I was in Masaya.
They invite us over for dinner all the time. Their 9-year-old daughter is working on getting baptized,
but she is waiting for her father to get ready and be the one to baptize her.
Yesterday we had 9 investigators at church from 2 families that we have been working with! Sadly, the lady that got baptized last week but didn't come to church to get confirmed, well, we went to her house Sunday morning and she wasn't there. We were calling her on the phone all morning and she wouldn't answer her phone. Finally, she did answer her phone and told us she would meet us at church, but she never showed up. So, unfortunately, we will have to try and help her re-commit and she will have to get baptized again, if she will come to church. We found two more families this week, but neither of them could make it to church yesterday, but hopefully we will have 5 people enter the waters of baptism next Saturday! The Hermanas had 2 baptisms this past Saturday -- they're on fire. Needless to say, we figured we better put a lot more emphasis on helping people understand the importance of going to church each week!
This is a popular chicken dish here that we have quite often
from some of the families in the ward and tastes pretty good.

I have been so worried about working in our area that I forgot Thanksgiving was coming up next week. For the Thanksgiving holiday, the mission lets us have dinner as a Zone, but we are never sure what we will eat. Usually just the same old rice and beans and chicken. I really don't think turkeys exist here in Nicaragua, but at least we get something -- so we can be thankful for that!

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