Monday, November 2, 2015

Searching the Streets of Masaya

"Fritos" is a slang word we use for "lazy missionary," so we found this sign rather funny and had to pose.
This week was great! First off, we had cambios, but my companion, Elder Nolasco, and I are both staying put in our area. So with at least 6 more weeks here in Masaya, we decided to hit the turf hard again to start finding a ton more people to teach! We had some success, and we found another family who had talked with some missionaries previously, but they have never made it to church yet. Unfortunately, they weren't able to attend church with us yesterday, but we will try really hard to get them there next Sunday. We actually contact a lot of people every day, and most of them are positive, at least until our return visit, so we will just have to keep plugging away.

Some people have started putting this sticker above their doors
to discourage us from knocking on them -- ha ha.
With cambios this week, they did split our zone so now it is tiny, with only 14 missionaries and just 2 districts. One of our Zone Leaders, and one of my buddies, Elder Kleiner, was called to be one of the new Assistants to the President, so that was pretty cool. We also got two new Zone Leaders. One of the new Zone Leaders is a Tongan missionary who was one of the District Leaders in Masaya when I was here last year while I was training as a new missionary, and the other new Zone Leader was one of the other District Leaders in Sandino Zone when I was in Trinidad. Also, two of the three Hermanas in my district were on their last cambios and went home. However, the third Hermana who only had one more cambios left, well it turns out she is having knee problems and will be leaving tomorrow to go home to get medical attention for her knee. So the two new Hermanas in my district don't know anyone, so me and my companion will be going over there to help teach them the area (their area is the other half of the ward that we serve in together). Pretty cool, though, is that one of the new Hermanas is Hermana Powell, who was in the CCM with me! So it turns out I already know most of the missionaries in our little zone.

Sounds like everyone had a good Halloween back home. We didn't do anything for Halloween here because I simply forgot and Nicaraguans don't really celebrate it here. They already had their Dia de los Muertos last week. So, unfortunately our Halloween was pretty sad and boring here. Anyways, that's about it for this week. Nothing too terribly interesting or exciting -- just working and helping out my district after cambios.
I had to get a picture of this creepy wall mural.

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