Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I made some new friends down in the plaza.
Hiking up to the petroglyphs.
I'm sorry I am writing really fast today because I am almost out of time. Yes, we did hear about the terrorist attacks in Paris from some of the members in the ward who were telling us about it... pretty sketchy stuff there.

Off in the distance, you can see a waterfall.
Well, we did have our one baptism this past Saturday, but unfortunately, on Sunday, she was nowhere to be found and did not make it to church for her confirmation. We actually had soooo many people to bring to church, we weren't able to run around Monimbo looking for her, so we will be working extra hard this week to make sure she comes to church so she can be confirmed.

Pretty views all the way around.
However, like I mentioned, we had a lot of investigators come to church, including the mother and her son who are scheduled to be baptized on the 28th!! The best part of the week is that we found four new families to teach -- two who already have baptismal dates that are super cool, and then two more with some serious potential. As we continue to work with them, these four new families will all be baptized in December, so it would be kind of nice if I can stay here to see them get baptized. The Zone Leaders and Hermanas also had baptisms this past week, so our whole district is doing pretty well right now.

Today for P-Day, we hiked up to some petroglyphs that are located in my area. By the end of the hike, we were sweating like crazy because it was so hot, which made it a little miserable. It was pretty cool because one of the security guards actually took us up there and showed them to us.

This next week, we have interviews with President Russell, but I am looking forward to them because we have been doing fairly well and we are working hard! Otherwise, not much else this week -- just teaching our investigators and looking for more people to teach. It's kind of crazy how fast we can go through investigators because one day they are all positive, and then on the return visit, they are hiding from us. One of our mission goals is that we should be finding three new people every day to teach and progress toward baptism, but if they don't stay positive, then we have to shuffle through them pretty fast. So that is about it for this week. I am healthy and happy and working hard!

Having a little fun on our hike today.

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