Monday, February 22, 2016

Cold Font Water, Nicaraguan Nachos, and Pet Squirrels

Our baptismal service this past week.
Well, to start off, we had another baptism this past Saturday, BUT, between the cold water in the font and bending backwards when he was baptized, he was too sick and sore to come to church the next day to get confirmed. So this Sunday, he will get confirmed after he recovers. Kind of a bummer as he is a cute, little, old man and he loved that a ton of the members showed up to his baptismal service.

We also found a pair of sisters who came to church this week and seem pretty positive. They are especially interested in the Restoration. Additionally, A.'s grandma, J., returned from Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon and she said she will be back again next weekend to be baptized. Where she lives in Costa Rica is only about 1 hour away from here, but the family is pretty poor, so I hope she can pay to make the trip. There is another companionship in our district who will also be baptizing a family, so it should be a busy weekend this next week and the work seems to be starting to move along again here in the ward.
Nicaraguan Nachos! They're not even tortilla chips, but
these are all we got here.

I had my interview with President Russell this past week, and it went very well this time. He said he is pleased with the work we have been doing and he knows Rivas is a difficult area/city. He asked me to encourage the Hermanas to work a little harder as they have been struggling to find people to teach.

This next week, we will be having a Multi-Zone Conference with one of the Seventy, Elder Ochoa, so it should be good. The next cambios were extended 1 week, so we won't have changes again for 2 and a 1/2 more weeks now.

Today for P-Day, we played baseball with some of the members and it was a good time. Elder Perez, one of the other missionaries in our apartment, he is finishing his mission this next transfer, so he loves to tell us about the first things he is going to do when he gets home and stuff. Our companions, Elder Smith and Elder Foster, are both just barely out on their missions, but I think they get more trunk than I do when Perez starts talking about home.

My sister asked if I had seen any interesting animals in Rivas, but I haven't seen too many here lately. One of our convert's homes has some little baby pigs living inside, and every once in a while you will see someone with a pet squirrel, which is crazy, but you only see squirrels here in Nicaragua as people's pets. We walk a ton still and get a little sunburnt every day. We still pretty much just eat rice and beans and drink silty water, but there is a Burger King here in Rivas, which is pretty rare. Also, we get to play some basketball here once in a while, so maybe I won't be super rusty when I get back home. I also measure just over 6' 3" now, so my little brother better not be taller than me when I get home. Otherwise, we are just healthy and happy and working like crazy this next week to find some more investigators to teach.
I found my dream car and dream house!
Can't believe people actually live in these humble homes here in Nicaragua.

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