Monday, February 15, 2016

No Valentine's or President's Holidays Here in Rivas

Me, A., and Elder Smith
So the big news this past week was our baptism on Saturday. A. was excited to be baptized and decided she didn't want to wait for her grandmother to return from Costa Rica (she called and said she will be back on February 26th). We are also teaching A.'s uncle and he is progressing really well even though he will have to work on a couple of things before he will be ready for baptism.

Me and A.
We also have another baptism scheduled for next Saturday with an older man named J. He nearly died in a motorcycle crash about 10 years ago and he can't walk very well any more. He also stutters at times when he talks, but he loves the church. So prayers on his behalf are appreciated, and we will be working our tails off this week to help him be baptized. Otherwise, we didn't really find anyone super positive this week, so we will continue to be searching for new investigators this next week as well.

Unfortunately, the Hermanas in the district don't have any baptisms until next week even though I have done quite a few interviews for them. Their investigators just weren't quite ready yet, so hopefully next week. It seems like the whole city of Rivas is struggling so far in 2016 for our district to find the people that God has prepared for us to teach, so more prayers would be welcome.

We have interviews with President Russell tomorrow, so today for P-Day we spent the day cleaning the house and getting haircuts. Our house was pretty dirty, so it took us a while to get it ready for tomorrow. I guess yesterday was Valentine's Day back home, but here in Nicaragua, it was just a normal day without any signs of a holiday. So that's about it for this week. Not a whole lot going on right now beyond just the normal missionary life!
A. and her family

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