Monday, February 8, 2016

New Friends in the Park

I made a new friend in the park....
Apparently a lot of people are freaking out about some Zika virus, but they haven't said anything about it to us down here and I haven't seen anyone who has been sick with it. It sounds kind of scary, though, so I guess I better watch out for the mosquitoes.

A cool statue in the park of San Miguel killing a demon.
This past week was all right. We did divisions with members a lot, but not a whole lot has come out of it so far. The mission targets for our daily numbers went up, with more lessons to teach each day, a goal of 7 investigators in church each week, and then 3 baptisms each month.  Rivas is known as one of the more difficult places to baptize, but really there should be no excuses. Last month our Zone didn't do very well hitting our targets, but at least our zone was not the lowest in the mission. Still, I think we will do better this month.

Another cool statue in the park.
As for our investigators, J., the grandmother who has been coming to church with her granddaughter, well, she went to Costa Rica this past week, and we will be talking with the family to see if she found out yet when she will be able to return. In the meantime, her 13-year-old granddaughter, A., is super pumped for her baptism this Saturday. She is a super cool little girl.

Other than that, we are working hard, searching for new investigators to teach. We have a few, but none of them are crazy positive yet, but maybe they will start progressing this week. We have decided to try and change the way we are working to see if we will have more success. I realized that if I am stressed all the time, then I am not happy and it limits our success, so I am trying not to be so stressed out. It is also helping me to have more patience with my companion and we are getting along better. Anyways, this week we will keep looking for new investigators and preparing for our interviews with President Russell the following week. As a whole, our Zone isn't doing very well so far this month, and right now, my district doesn't have any baptisms scheduled other than mine until the end of the month.

Sounds like the Super Bowl was OK, but it's nothing that I miss really. What I do miss is playing basketball and volleyball on a wooden court again. Today for P-Day, we went to the church and played some basketball. Anyways, I hope everyone continues to do well back home and have a happy Valentine's Day!!

The Rivas Zone

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