Monday, March 14, 2016

New Companion and Powerful Testimonies

Me and my new companion, Elder Petty.
Well, the big news this week is that we had cambios and Elder Smith was transferred. My new companion is Elder Petty from Tucson, Arizona. He has been on his mission for about 8 months. He was trained by the Zone Leaders in Ciudad Sandino just after I left there and he was also companions with one of the former AP's (Assistants to the President) and they opened a new city for missionary work about 5 months ago. Also, one of his trainers was one of my buddies, Elder Kleiner, and he was just barely companions with Elder Passey, who I knew in Bluefields. So, I guess it is a small mission.

Before his mission, Elder Petty used to be super big and strong and was a wrestler, but now he has lost about 60 pounds of muscle. Still, he is pretty stocky and strong. He is super awesome and he can teach really well. He is also really excited for our 2 super positive investigators that we have been teaching here in Rivas,which reminds me of a cool story I wanted to share.

Playing basketball and soccer today
with the Zone Leaders and Andy in Jinotepe.
So last Sunday we had Fast and Testimony Meeting because 2 weeks ago there was a Central America Area Conference. Anyways, yesterday during the meeting last week, I challenged a few of the newer converts sitting by me to go up and share their testimonies. They said they would but only if I went first. I also challenged M., one of our super investigators, at the same time. So one of the newer converts went up first, and then I went up and shared my testimony, and then, surprisingly, M. went up. He is not even a member yet, but he gave one of the best testimonies of the restored gospel that I have ever heard since I have been in Nicaragua. He testified that the church is true; he testified of the surety of the Atonement and the Resurrection; and then he said that he felt lost until we Elders came to his door. It was such an incredible testimony, and after the meeting finished, everyone came up and was asking him when his baptismal date was going to be. He told them March 26th, which was the goal we had challenged him with, so it was pretty cool.

We also have an investigator named S., who brought her daughter to church with her last Sunday. She lives really far away from the church so we can't go by her house Sunday morning to remind her. But, we commit her during the week and she has shown up every time. She also wants to get baptized with her daughter on March 26th, so it should be a busy day. Every time we meet with S. and her daughter, we have had some really spiritual lessons. Anyway, we are super excited to see them progressing.

Today we went and played some basketball and soccer in Jinotepe with the Zone Leaders and our buddy Andy came along. After, we went and got some pizza. Well, pray for our investigators to stay strong and have a great week everyone!
Chowing down on some pizza with my home slices.

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