Monday, March 21, 2016

Rough Week in Rivas

Well, this week was a little rough....

First, we had a multi-zone conference that we had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning to catch the bus, and then we didn't get back to our apartment until 8:00 that night. We were dragging and really tired all day the next days well. Then today for P-Day, we had to get up at 3:00 AM to catch the bus to Managua so that I could renew my ID. We got back super late today, so we barely have any time to write emails.

This is a picture of an awesome sandwich I made --
it is two grilled cheese sandwiches, an egg, and
a chicken patty combined into one giant sandwich.
Our investigators also had a rough week. M., the one who shared his testimony in church a few weeks ago, well, he has been struggling with depression all week fighting his urges to drink, which he hadn't had a drink for several weeks and seemed to be doing really well with it. However, he hasn't been very happy this week, and then when we went by on Sunday morning to pick him up for church, he had been drinking and couldn't come, so he won't be getting baptized this week. We were even going past his house this week two times per day to try and help him, but he is just struggling and he needs more time to overcome his alcohol I guess. He has been struggling whether to continue, which has been a hard blow for us after he received such a powerful witness of the truthfulness of the message.

We are also continuing to work with S. and her daughter, and they were both interviewed for baptism and doing great until yesterday when S. told us her daughter didn't want to come to church today and had changed her mind about the baptism. So now S. will be our only investigator getting baptized this week. However, Satan is so "chancho" that he tries to put doubts in people's heads. So during church yesterday, we sang the hymn "Praise to the Man," or in Spanish it is "Loor al Profeta," and basically it is about Joseph Smith. Well, S. didn't really like that hymn because she thought it was about worshipping Joseph Smith, but after we sat down and explained its meaning to her, shes fine about it now. Hopefully, she will continue to stay strong this week, and her daughter will regain her desire to also be baptized and prayers on their behalf would be greatly appreciated.

We had a tough Sunday yesterday, but we did bring a new investigator to church named D. He came on his own in a moto, and he is really positive. We will be teaching him about the Restoration this week.

So my new companion is pretty awesome and I am really enjoying my time with him. We work hard, but we have fun while we are doing it, even though our P-Day today was basically riding on buses for more than 6 hours and spending $15 of our own money just to go to Managua and back. Still, we will be working super hard this week to try and find some more people to teach. The Hermanas in my district had a baptism this past week, which was good, and they should have some more next week, so that will be good too.

I saw a volleyball in one of the street stores that have been set up for the Holy Week celebrations and I bought it. So we will be hitting the volleyball around a little bit in the house to practice, ha ha. We haven't been able to find a net to actually play a game of volleyball yet, but we will keep looking. Even at the church, they have the giant poles but no net. Well, I am out of time. I hope everyone back home has a great Easter!

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