Monday, May 9, 2016

Iguana: The Other, Other White Meat

Wow, it was sure great talking to my family yesterday. I might need a map just to find my way around the house as my folks have been busy remodeling. I also can't believe how much my little brother and sister have changed. I can hardly recognize them! However, I am pretty sure I am still taller than my brother, and now I might even be taller than my dad.

So last week I printed off my re-acceptance letter to BYU and was showing it to some of the other missionaries and members. Even though I don't have my exact release date yet for when I am coming home, my mission president did say I would be home in time to start school at BYU on August 29th, so he told my family to go ahead and start making preparations for school in the Fall. It should be exciting even though I plan to go home as many weekends as I can to chill with my family.

Well, this past week, our investigator who had committed to getting baptized last Saturday changed her mind at the last minute. I guess her extended family convinced her that she will be a Catholic until the day she dies. Her son is a member of the ward and he said that she has done this before, so unfortunately we didn't have a baptism last week.

However, we have 2 investigators scheduled to be baptized next Saturday. They are a grandma and her grandson. We found them a few weeks ago, and they have been coming to church and finally feel ready to be baptized, so prayers for them would be great. Overall, I think the area is going a little better, but we are still searching for more new investigators.

Also this past week, Elder Martinez (the other District Leader who is in our apartment) had to travel to Granada for a leadership training. Glad to say that I got to experience Granada before I go home because everyone says it is the hottest city in our mission, but I didn't even break a sweat when I was there. Doesn't seem to really be much different than Rivas, but it has a lot more tourists and attractions there, and the LDS chapel in Granada is much bigger and nicer than the little chapel in Rivas. So it was a bit of an adventure.

Last Saturday we did help the other Elders in our apartment with a baptismal service, and after the meeting was over, we went out on the grounds of the church and caught an iguana. The cool thing is that our pensionista said she would cook it for us to eat as they are supposed to be quite tasty. Then today, we played soccer at the church for P-Day, and when we were finished, we caught 2 more iguanas. So now we will have 3 iguanas to eat tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited to try it.

Well, I had to reassure my family that I am not getting trunk yet. All is well here in Nicaragua. My eye infection is getting better, and I'm going to work hard these last 3 and a half months to bring a few more souls to Christ. Well, have a great week everyone!

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