Monday, May 2, 2016

Rainstorms in Rivas, Murals in Managua

Another cool mural we found today in Managua.
Some Nicaraguan cuisine.
Well, this past week Elder Cuyan and I have been working a lot with our investigators and we were able to bring them all to church yesterday. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any new, positive investigators this week, but we are working hard with the ones we have. Hopefully, we will have a few baptisms in the next two weeks or so.

One of our investigators is the mother of our Ward Executive Secretary. She has been Catholic her whole life, but decided she wanted to get baptized. However, some of her other family members are fighting against it and telling her not to do it, so we are hoping for a small miracle that she will be strong.

Luckily my parents sent me a new pair of shoes this past week,
so I can put these ones out of their misery.
Today for P-Day, we had to go to Managua again to straighten out some problems with the baptismal records and I got to see Elder Perry, but honestly not the funnest P-day. That makes two weeks in a row with 3-hour bus rides both ways. The Hermanas in my district are also struggling a little bit to find some new investigators and they don't have many baptisms scheduled yet for this month. However, I am optimistic that we will get some soon.

Sometimes you have to make the lessons a little
more fun for the niƱos.
The best part of this past week is that it finally started raining! It has rained almost every evening and also some mornings. Kind of funny but the rain makes us sweat (due to the increased humidity) and we look like we got soaked in the rain even though it is just sweat. However, the rainstorms make the nights a little cooler, and now the plants will start turning green again instead of dry and yellow. So now it is "winter" time here in Nicaragua, but it doesn't get cold, just rainy.

Well, I have a bunch of emails to respond to, so I hope you all have a great week. I can't wait to Skype with my family this Sunday for Mother's Day!

A cool mural we stumbled across today in Managua.

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