Monday, May 16, 2016

Lame Week in Rivas

Well, this week was kind of a bummer. Our baptisms scheduled for Saturday fell through as the grandmother felt she wasn't prepared enough yet. Even when the Zone Leaders came for the interview and talked with her, she just didn't feel ready for now, so we will have to keep working with her and her grandson to help them feel ready.

Iguana for dinner! Tasted pretty good.
We also spent about two-and-a-half days outside of our area this past week so that we could work with the Hermanas, and then another day with the Zone Leaders in the Hermanas' area again. We also spent one day going to the hospital for my eyes again. By Friday, my eyes were really bad again, so we went to the hospital and they gave me 3 more types of eye drops. I have to put in like 8 drops per day between all the medicines. At least my eyes are feeling better now.

Elder Cuyan enjoying his iguana dinner.
Tomorrow we have our interviews with President Russell. This is his last full month as our mission president, and the new mission president will be arriving soon. However, in preparation for our interviews tomorrow, all the District Leaders were called in to a meeting this morning and it took most of our P-Day today. We had to review our numbers and how many baptisms are scheduled, and then to prepare for how upset they will be for not having more baptisms scheduled.

On the other hand, my companion is awesome. He is not one to take the lead, but we get along really well. He and our roommates are teaching me a lot of Guatemalan sayings. As for any Guatemalan food, they all basically just complain about the rice and beans here, but none of them has money to buy the food to make any Guatemalan dishes. Still, they are a lot of fun.

Well, sorry for the lame email this week, but that is about all that is going on for now. Hope everyone has a great week back home.

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